'Waiting to Exhale' a creative exploration in response to Brexit at Space 36

The Toddler, sculpture by Constanze Schweda
The Toddler, sculpture by Constanze Schweda

17 sculptures, sound and light installations, interactive artworks and performances filling a large portion of a private house and garden.

This is the second year that the residents of Space36, a private residence and occasional art space, have hosted a group of artists and invited them to develop artworks over a four month period, and fill a large portion of the house and garden with the results. This year seven artists have been invited to explore how their idea of home and belonging has been affected by Brexit. Some artist originate in the UK while others are from EU countries but are resident in the UK.

The artist taking part this year are: Liz Brown, Liana Bortolozzo, Esperanza Gomez Carrera, Ahmed Farooqui, Mario Varas Sanchez, Constanze Schweda, Louise Scillitoe-Brown.

The Toddler by Constanze Schweda is a metaphor for the Britain’s state after the decision to leave the EU. Like children, Leave voters were led to believe the fairytale of a reborn Britain, fuelled by anxiety over immigration and nationalist ideas of sovereignty. Put on your Union Jack shorts and take the plunge!

The Brexit diver on top of a Victorian house, built at a time when Britain’s Empire was flourishing, a toddler at dizzying heights with no safety net below, is symbolic for the sullen, self-destructive attitude and the neck breaking process that is ahead.

Open over the weekends of 10/11 and 17/18 June, 12-6pm. 36 Ashley Road, N19 3AF.

Entry is free.