Cumuli Lights Become Permanent Installation At Green Rooms Hotel

The uber urban cool Green Rooms hotel is becoming something of a go-to destination for the East End’s cultural crowd. Its founder Nick Hartwright and Chairman Kurt Bredenbeck are design enthusiasts and artists’ advocates and have created an environment that compliments and reflects the guests who stay there and the people who use its facilities for business and pleasure. No surprise then that the temporary installation of the remarkable Cumuli lights, made bespoke for Green Rooms by Kirigram, have now become a permanent fixture.

Clusters of altogether ten Cumuli lights create a signature feature in the reception area and provide ambient lighting in the relaxed lounge at Green Rooms hotel. Kirigram’s designer, Constanze Schweda, has created each shape from a single sheet of thin metal, which is laser cut, manipulated and powder coated and available in a number of different colours. They are inspired by the Japanese paper cutting and folding artform of Kirigami – a concept that informs most of Kirigram’s products which include occasional tables, shelving and mirrors. These statement pieces are ideal for contract interiors, adding character and functional sculptural furniture to any contemporary design scheme.

photos: Alexander Hug