Colours & Finishes

Kirigram has a wide range of colours and finishes available to suit your taste and requirements. Please note that not every product is available in every finish. Please refer to the corresponding product description for more details on this.

Standard Power Coating

The standard powder coat is a smooth, matt finish available in various colours. The prices on the Order page are for this finish in either black or white unless otherwise stated. All our products are available in this finish with the exception of Web oval, which is available in a RIMEX finish only.

Example Colours

The images below show examples of colours we have used with our standard powder coat. Please note the colours are for guidance only. We have made every effort to match the colours below, however, we cannot guarantee an exact colour match.

  • Back Powder Coat Anthracite grey (RAL7016)
  • White powder Coat White (RAL9016)
  • Yellow Powder Coat Broom yellow (RAL1032)
  • Grey-Beige Powder Coat Grey beige (RAL1019)

Two-Tone Powder Coating

Kirigram has developed and perfected a method of two-tone powder coating for several of its designs. This finish emphasises the curves and lines of the pieces and works best with contrasting colours, such as black and white or copper and grey. Two-Tone is only available for our tables.

  • Back and White Black and White
  • Copper and Grey Copper and Grey

Custom Powder Coating

Kirigram has other powder coats and colours available on request. Please enquire for details.

Brushed Brass

To produce this finish the brass is brushed by hand, following the cut, and sealed with transparent powder coat to protect the brass from oxidation. We manufacture only mirror frames and consoles in brass, not tables.

  • Brushed Brass Finish Brushed Brass Finish

Brushed Stainless Steel

Similar to the brushed brass finish but in stainless steel, a bright white metal. Also only available for mirrors and consoles.

  • Brushed Stainless Steel Finish Brushed Stainless Steel Finish


Flocking is a soft, velvety finish made of polyester micro-fibers available in matt or shiny. Normally found on luxurious Regency wallpaper, Kirigram brings this playful finish to it's metal furniture range. Robust to stains and washable, more durable that it looks.

  • Flocked Finish Flocking Finish

Oxidised Mild Steel

This finish is created by rusting mild steel in a controlled environment then sealing the surface with clear lacquer. It creates a natural-looking orange/brown surface with rich patina. See the image below. Since the process produces slightly different results for each piece, we cannot guarantee an exact colour match or pattern.

  • Special Oxidised Finish Special Oxidised Finish

RIMEX Metal Finishes

We use selected products from the RIMEX range of metal finishes. See RIMEX Metal's web-page for more details on their finishes.

  • RIMEX Vortex Green RIMEX Vortex Green
  • RIMEX Rose Gold RIMEX Rose Gold