Testimonials from our Clients

The tables are great and fit very well to the rooms.

I will come back to you for more in the near future.

Joe, North England, Hotelier (2 Islands, 2 Shells)
We are so happy with our sunny yellow table, which has brightened our living room, become a talking point and a delight, a stunning piece of metal design looking great whatever we arrange on it. We're fantasising now about a larger one as an outdoor table for the garden!

Charles Neal, Hastings, Author (yellow Shell)
We get lots of compliments on the table. At the moment it has a knitted empire state building with a knitted King Kong and Daisy Mae at the top sitting in the middle of it!

Robin, London, Analyst (white Island parlour)

We both really love the 'Island' table, and it looks fine in white. I think it looks like a drawing in the centre of the room.

Jane Human, London, Artist (white Island)

It's up and looks totally amazing - a beautiful piece, thank you!

Will take a photo and send through

Veronica, London (brass web with brass cornice)
Was für mich an den Tischen so faszinierend ist, dass man sie ansieht wie etwas, was man gerne ansieht, ohne darin etwas bestimmtes erkennen zu wollen: Kaminfeuer oder bunte Lichtreflexe auf dunklem Wasser. Es ist etwas weiches, sich bewegendes, harmonisches. Auch irgendwie fröhliches, sorgloses, endloses.

Michael Bossecker, Berlin, Gallerist and Collector

They are in and they look great! They also work ;-)

Manon, Antwerp, Interior Designer (bespoke hooks)

Your furniture still takes a good place in our little Parisian apartment!

Hervé, Paris, Manager (white Shell)
My wife and I are very happy with the mirror: it is really a unique design and many people who have come to see us have positively commented on it.

Andrea, Cambridge (Web large)

YESSS! Thanks a lot! They look great. When they hang I will send you a picture.

Manon, Antwerp, Interior Designer (2 Web small with 2 Cornice ledge)

Ich bin immer wieder neu verliebt in meinen kleinen Tisch.

Christina Goedecken, painter, Milan (Island Coffee)