Unique Design by Kirigram

Kirigram at
London Festival
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'Part table, part artwork,
making the functional sculptural.'

Kirigram produces elegant, timeless furniture. Inspired by Kirigami, the Japanese paper art, a unique collection has evolved.

The design reaches back to the basics of sculpture and follows a simple principle: the creation of a three dimensional object from a flat plane. Following this principle, our pieces begin as a single sheet of metal that is cut and sculpted into form to make beautiful, but also functional objects.

Our collection started with a series of tables which was soon followed by mirrors and wall consoles, all in the unmistakable Kirigram style: contemporary, bold and distinct. As an extension to our standard collection, we also work closely with architects and interior designers to create bespoke solutions.

Have a look around our site, and if you like what we do, follow us on Facebook and find out more. All our pieces can of course be ordered directly online.